Hi everyone!

My name is Camryn Pessin and I am a young female creative living in NYC. I am currently studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology and will be graduating in May. Once I graduate, I will be taking a year off to focus on myself and blossom my sex education career. Although I love fashion and anything creative, I have found my passion in helping others through this conversation.

Growing up, I was blessed with a mom to turn to about my body, sex, and identity.  I was very open with my mom about these topics and she helped me be the open woman I am today. When I was 16 my mom passed away from cervical cancer and this supportive voice left my life. After my mom passed, I discovered that many people do not know how sex can affect your health or have someone they can turn to about these topics. I then became widely passionate about sex education and continuing her empowering voice. 

I created HUSH because I ultimately wanted to create a space where people can get the same love and encouragement that I got from my mama.

I believe that the more we know and talk about this conversation in a positive way, the more confident we are as individuals. There is an overall lack of knowledge around sex and I want to change that. Although these are difficult subjects to discuss, the more we come together and open up, the easier it will be.

I hope you enjoy & I am always here for any questions or if you just need someone to talk to ♡