Dirty talk. It’s an interesting concept because there is in fact nothing “dirty” about the act. It’s normal, fun, common, and can actually increase your sexual satisfaction. Dirty talk is simply being comfortable & confident with expressing your sexual needs. In other words, it’s just communicating what feels good, what you want, and how you want it. It is often thought of as very graphic and erotic but it’s simply just open communication between partners. It should occur naturally and is different for everyone.

It can be awkward to express your needs if you don’t know your needs yourself or if you are uncomfortable with this type of communication. Many people struggle with finding the right words to express their needs, wants, and desires. It’s okay to be nervous but just know there is nothing wrong, shameful, or bad about sexy talk. Some people talk dirty with their partner quickly, while others may need some time. Some people say erotic graphic phrases, while others may simply say “don’t stop that feels good.”

Everyone likes to feel appreciated and encouraged during their sexual experience. Telling your partner what feels good and basically hyping them up will never hurt a situation. So, don’t be a afraid to tell them you love their cock in you, how they touch you, how they kiss you, grab you, etc. It is also normal to express this in silence. Whatever you say, as long as it’s honest, genuine, and expressing yourself it’s good to go. There is no script for dirty talk, just say what feels good to you.

It’s important to listen to each other so you can both get turned on. Whispering “do you like that dirty little bitch?” may not be the best thing if your partner thinks those words are offensive. Communicating what you like and dislike is a must so that you can find out what works. Ask questions about what they like and don’t be afraid to tell them what you do not like. It takes confidence and control over your body to express your needs.

Never fuck someone who makes you feel like you can’t be open about what feels good. It’s your body and you control your pleasure. 

Ease into it and say what feels natural and authentic to you. If you don’t know where to start, never done it before, or you’re just shy, don’t worry. You get more comfortable as you do it and you will discover it’s fun and liberating to express yourself like this. Now here are some tips: 


Simply expressing what feels good is a huge turn on and it’s a more natural way of dirty talk. This type of talk can also encourage your partner and direct them in what you want.

  1. “Your dick feels so good inside me”
  2. “I love when you rub my clit like that”
  3. “Your tongue feels amazing sucking on my tits”
  4. “I love when you suck on my clit”
  5. “It feels so good when you suck my dick like that”
  6. “I love when you spit on it”
  7. “I love when you’re nasty”
  8. “You feel so good”
  9. “You make me so wet”
  10. “I love how hard you get me”
  11. “Your skin feels so good on mine”
  12. “Your pussy feels amazing”
  13. “Just feeling your skin makes me wet”
  14. “Feeling your pussy turns me on”
  15. “This is your pussy”
  16. “I’m your girl”


This can be more intimidating than describing how their tongue feels on your clit, but if you say it in a simple & encouraging way it can be wonderful. You obviously wouldn’t want to yell at your partner “make me cum hard!!!” because well, that’s just aggressive. But if you whisper it in a lower tone, softer pace, and add some breath to it, it can be sound way different. “Mhmmm yeah, make me cummmm hard,” sounds hot to me.

  1. “Yeah, lick my clit like that”
  2. “I need you inside me”
  3. “I want your dick in my pussy”
  4. “Mhmm yeah spank me harder”
  5. “I love when you pin me down and fuck me”
  6. “Fuck me harder”
  7. “Yeahhh keep sucking my dick like that”
  8. “Suck on my nipples”
  9. “Grab my ass”
  10. “Fuck me like you miss me”
  11. “Eat me till you can’t anymore”
  12. “Ooohh yeah grab me like that”
  13. “I want you to kiss me harder”
  14. “I want to feel your dick twist in me”
  15. “I want to feel your wet pussy around my dick”
  16. “Make me cum”
  17. “Bite my lip”
  18. “Undress me and kiss every inch of me”
  19. “Bite me and mark me like I’m yours”

A simple “Yeah baby just like that” also works. Taking control and expressing what you want done and what feels good is sexy. It also helps your partner know what you like and it creates a open space for expressing desires.


After you’re done expressing what you want, give them a little love back. Make them feel good and desired too. A little sexy saying in a low soft voice never hurt no one. If you’re worried about sounding weird or terrifying try to imagine how you would feel if they said it to you.

  1. “I’m going to make you cum so hard”
  2. “I’m going to kiss every inch of you”
  3. “I want to make you feel so good”
  4. “I want to please you”
  5. “I’m going to make you moan”
  6. “I want to make you drip in cum”
  7. “I want to bend you over and fuck you”
  8. “I love when I ride you, I want to do it forever”
  9. “I’m going to eat you till you can’t move anymore”
  10. “I want to make you mine”
  11. “I want to kiss you all the time”
  12. “I want to feel your body on mine”
  13. “I’m going to feel your clit on my lips”
  14. “I want to feel your dick in my mouth”
  15. “I want to grab your ass”

Saying what you want to do is exciting for them and will probably turn you on too. Win win!

These are just examples of what to say if you need some inspo. Some are more intense than the others. If some of these scare you, a simple “I want you to feel good” or “I love when you kiss me like that” are still honest & good ways of communicating your sexual desires. It’s been proven that open communication in the bedroom increases your pleasure. It’s also important to check in with your partner as you say these things and get comfortable with each other.

At the end of all the sexy talk, it’s really about encouraging your partner & making sure what you are doing feels good ❤

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