When it comes to condoms some people get nervous to ask for one or think they don’t need to because they are on birth control. Asking to use a condom during sex should NEVER be pushed away. It’s not awkward to ask for a condom because it is your right to have safe and satisfying sex! You should never feel unsafe or worried about having sex with your partner. It’s normal to ask during the moment “do you have a condom?” or even discussing it prior to sex.

Birth control only prevents pregnancies, not STDS and infections. When a condom is used correctly it can prevent STDS and infections up to 98% of the time. So even if you are on birth control it’s very important and normal to want to use a condom.

Some men say condoms don’t feel good, they can’t finish with one, or even the classic “aren’t you on birth control?” These are all sayings that can make women feel uncomfortable about asking to use a condom and are excuses. If you use the correct size, style, and lube condoms can be more comfortable.

If you and your partner have established that unprotected sex is okay with you both then that’s great. But if there is any forcing or negotiating you out of using a condom it’s probably best to not sleep with that person. The man should respect your decision and know that it’s also protecting them!

Now here is how to properly use a condom:

  1. Make sure there are no holes or scratches on the wrapper (this usually means there is a small hole in the condom and defeats the purpose of using one)
  2. Check expiration dates. Storing condoms in hot places can damage the latex faster, so it’s actually best to not put them in your wallet because of body heat.
  3. Open wrapper carefully and make sure the right side is up (the side with the little tip facing up sorta looks like a small hat)
  4. After un rolling the condom and slightly placing it over the penis, pinch the tip with your thumb and index finger. You want to pinch it to make room for the semen.
  5. While holding the tip in one hand use the other hand to completely roll the condom down until it reaches the end.
  6. Ready to go!

Carry your own condoms and never be afraid to communicate your wants during sex.

To remove a condom, it’s easier to remove when still hard because it helps avoid spilling semen. Toss it in the garbage and do not flush it down the toilet!!



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