This topic is something that gets me heated. It’s extremely frustrating that any form of social media impacts how we have relationships. It impacts how we think, speak, and sleep with each other.

It’s so easy to scroll through Instagram and be bombarded by millions of people who are easily reachable. It’s tempting to hit them with a couple likes or even a cute lil DM. It’s easy to get lost in the social media flirting game.

Social media can ruin trust between two people. It’s easy to overthink it and question what your partner is doing behind the screen. Does a flirty DM mean you want them sexually? Does liking a provocative photo when you are taken mean you want to sleep with them? Or are you already sleeping with them? These are questions I have heard SO many times & seen people get upset about. Including myself. It’s easy to get in your head about what your partner is up to and it’s even easier for your partner to hide it behind their phone. This lack of trust will obviously impact the relationship mentally and physically. Without trust, a relationship just won’t work.

This easy DM thing also destroys all honest & real communication between two people. It’s easy to talk to someone over text or Instagram and think you know who they are, what they like, and create an idea of how things might go sexually (and mentally!) This then leads to expectations that are probably going to let you down. You can create all these expectations in your head about what your relationship is and how well you know someone just by text and social media. It can be awkward if our expectations go wrong and can cause us to feel vulnerable or uncomfortable. This leads to a lack in communication. Since we are used to talking over a screen it can be hard to express ourselves if something gets awkward. No one enjoys actually speaking face-to-face about these problems, but hey they can send you an “I’m sorry” DM.

It’s easy to hide messages, delete conversations, and basically make it look like you are something you’re not. Everyone knows this and our generation is the worst yet nothing really changes. If you ever have a suspicion that your partner is not telling the truth, yet a name with a heart emoji pops up every second of the day, just leave. Literally walk out of the room. I have learned the hard way and it’s just not worth it. A relationship should be built off trust and honest communication. When you trust your partner and feel comfortable expressing yourself in person your sexual relationship will thrive.

Social media and texting will always impact our relationships but that doesn’t mean everyone out here is sending wild DM’s. This wasn’t just a rant about DM’s. It’s deeper than that. Social media impacts how we view ourselves therefore impacting our confidence with others. I have seen my friends get seriously hurt about this stuff and question themselves because of a silly Instagram situation. Put your phone down and communicate with the person you like. If you do have someone who is faithful to you, hold on to them!

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