Over the years masturbation has become less shameful but I still think there is a large stigma around women masturbating. Men masturbate all the time and everyone knows it. Masturbating is completely normal for all genders and is actually good for your health. When you orgasm your body releases the endorphins dopamine and oxytocin. Some people masturbate frequently, daily, or never. There is no such thing as masturbating “too much.”

Some people grow up to feel guilty or shameful about masturbating. It is nothing to be ashamed of and everyone does it. Even if they don’t admit it. Some people find out at an early age that touching themselves can feel good. Most kids explore their genitals at a young age because we are human and it’s natural to want to feel pleasure. If you still have’t explored your genitals that’s okay too. Just remember that everyone does it and it can actually reduce stress.

Some myths about masturbation include – girls who masturbate are more sexually active, it can cause mental illness, only people who don’t have partners masturbate, and it can affect your period and ability to have children. These are all false. Wanting to explore your sexuality is natural and does NOT cause any health problems.

There are plenty of reasons as to why you might masturbate. It helps you relax, releases sexual tension, helps you sleep, relieves menstrual cramps and tension, and lets you understand your body. When you allow yourself to freely explore your own body you can then understand what you like and don’t like. Learning how to have orgasms on your own can make it easier to have one with a partner. You can guide them as to what works for you. When you are comfortable with your body you are more likely to be comfortable with your partner about sex, protecting yourself against STDS, and talking about other sexual needs.

Some people also may masturbate because they are not sexually active and want to orgasm. Even if you do have a partner it’s still completely normal to masturbate when they aren’t around. Masturbating when you have a partner does not mean they aren’t satisfying you. The main reason why people masturbate is because it feels good!

There is no “normal” way to masturbate. Toys or touching yourself is completely normal. Masturbation is touching or rubbing your genitals. If fingering does not feel good to you or help you achieve an orgasm, you can also rub your clitoris (located at the top of the vulva, in between the labia). The clitoris is small and the most sensitive part of the vagina. The head of the clitoris has about 10,000 nerve endings – a guaranteed pleasure spot. Most women do not orgasm by penetration alone. They need clitoral stimulation as well. The size and shape of the clitoris ranges among women and everyone is different in what they have & prefer.

Masturbation only becomes a “problem” when it affects your daily responsibilities or you are doing it for the wrong reasons. If it is associated with depression, extreme guilt, anxiety, withdrawal, or other emotional problems you might want to see a counselor.

In my next post I will discuss the affects that porn has on masturbation and sex expectations. Until then, happy masturbating!

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