How recently have you washed your sex toys? If you are using sex toys such as dildos, butt plugs, vibrators or any other toy it is crucial to effectively clean them in order to prevent infections and bacteria. Make sure to wash your toy before and after every use. Depending on where you store your toys, they can pick up bacteria from the open air so a quick wash before and after is necessary. You don’t want body fluids drying on your toy then throwing it back in your drawer. You should also clean them before moving them from the vaginal area to the anus to prevent bacteria from transferring. It’s especially crucial to wash your sex toy if you are sharing the device with an infected partner, otherwise you run the risk of an STD the next time you use it.

In order to know how to effectively clean them you first need to know what material the toy is. Some toys can be put in boiling water for a deep clean while others run the risk of exploding because of the motor. If your toy is electric avoiding any soaking is the best bet. Usually the information regarding the material is on the package but you can also look it up online.

Once you know what material it is you can properly wash it. I headed over to The Pink Pussy Cat, a sex shop in NYC to get the details on how to clean sex toys. Follow these efficient tips from expert, Marie (omitted last name) on how to give your toy the TLC it deserves.   

  1. If it is glass/metal/ or silicone without a motor: Marie recommends placing any non-porous toy (porous toys are typically softer materials such as jelly rubber, PVC, TPR) in boiling water for 5 minutes. Non-porous toys are typically made out of a harder material and can handle the boiling water.
  2. If it is glass/metal/ or silicone with a motor: These are porous toys and can be washed with an antibacterial soap such as Dial or even wiped down with a baby wipe if you are sensitive, says Marie.
  3. Porous toys that you share: Antibacterial soap and water will clean the toy but if you are sharing it condoms should be placed over the toy to help prevent spreading any infection or bacteria, she says.
  4. Cyberskin: This is a material that is supposed to feel much like human skin. These toys work best with soap and water but when it comes to preserving the texture of the material, cleaning with corn starch does the trick, she says.

After your toy is cleaned Marie actually recommends air drying the toy and storing it in a clean spot. If you are on a budget, a zip- lock baggy will do just fine. You can also purchase sex toy bags. Deciding on where to store the goodies is completely up to you!

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