As I mentioned in my previous post, I wanted to talk about how to pick a gynecologist and what the process includes. In this specific post I will just discuss how to pick one and the next post I will include the process. To start, everyone who is sexually active should have a gynecologist. I understand that a primary doctor can examine you and act as a gynecologist but from my own experience it just isn’t the same. The main reason why I think you need a separate doctor for your vagina is simply because you are a woman and deserve one!! A women’s anatomy is a complex and beautiful thing to learn about and take care of, an ordinary doctor will just not do. The vagina is what makes a woman feel sexy and confident. No one feels good about themselves if they are itchy, experiencing pain, or whatever else happens down there. A doctor is great for your body but please please treat yourself to at least one visit because it is comforting and they know best. Walking out of the gynecologist knowing your in great health down there feels amazing!

So why would you go to a gynecologist if you are having protected sex or no sex at all? Yes, using a condom can protect you from STDs but if you are sexually active you can still get an infection like a yeast infection, bacterial infection, or a UTI. Infections and STDS are NOT the same. Infections do not always have to do with sex so someone who is not sexually active can still go see a gynecologist. Any lady can get a UTI from either wiping weird, wearing sweaty clothing for too long, having an imbalance in your PH levels, etc. A yeast infection can also happen to women who have never been sexually active because the vagina is a sensitive thing and can have an overgrowth of yeast due to diet or stress which can lead to the infection. Although these are more common in women who are sexually active. These are just some infections that non sexually active woman can have. If you are having protected sex, these infections can happen as well.

I understand seeing a gynecologist without having sex or having protected sex can seem silly or not needed but just know that if you ever do experience something off, they are there to help you and talk to you. Of course the main reason you would go to a gynecologist is if you are sexually active because infections and STDS are more likely to occur and it’s just necessary to check up on it.

Now that we have established that gynos are open to any lady, let’s discuss the search for one. I know opening your legs for a random person is extremely weird and honestly very invasive. This thought can be scary and off-putting but trust me it’s not that bad. The first time I went I was nervous and it helps to have someone to talk you through it so maybe bring a close friend or someone you are comfortable sharing this experience with. You can also always reach out to me with questions!

It is so important to do research before picking a gyno. You don’t want to just step foot in any gyno office because they are looking at a very special part of your body. I was lucky and found mine through my step mom, but any google research will work as well. If you have a recommendation that is also great. Luckily there are apps that allow you to put in what you are searching for and it gives you a doctor within a certain distance, what they specialize in, if they take your insurance, and their availability. You can even include the reason for visiting, such as itching or irregular bleeding. I’ve used the app ZoDoc, and I love it. Since moving to the city I have not yet found my perfect gyno. My main girl is back home in Colorado, but I have seen some in the city.

This is a huge trial and error process so do not get discouraged if the first one you see isn’t the best fit. Last year, I had a UTI and had to find a gyno in short notice. Like I said, I don’t have a set lady I see in the city so I found one near my apartment and went. This was the worst experience. I saw a man, and I’m not saying that was the reason, but in my opinion I think seeing a woman is best. He was very harsh and did not warn me before sticking a Q-tip up me. I felt very invaded and it was honestly painful which it NEVER should be. Yes, it is slightly uncomfortable but it should not cause a sharp and unpredictable pain. The process should be fairly easy and I just don’t think a man understands the pain and issues a vagina can cause a woman because they don’t have one!! They can try to understand all they want and study it for years but they just don’t get it.

Man or woman your gynecologist should be gentle and kind because it helps you as a patient feel at ease. An angry doctor looking at your vagina just causes bad energy down there. They should also walk you through whatever process they do so you don’t get an unexpected Q- tip in you. Of course you should meet your gynecologist first for a meeting before getting examined to see if you like their energy. No matter who you choose just know that they are here to help you and that you deserve a caring and informative doctor. After you go a couple times the process will be easy and it won’t be weird at all. Just another trip to the vagina doctor!

Next post will include what actually goes down at the gyno, aka the process!

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