During my junior year of high school my mom was diagnosed with cervical cancer. My mom and I always spoke freely of sex, our bodies, etc. When I was younger I was always curious about sex and what it felt like to be in love. I was very open with my mom about these topics and I became even more interested during my junior year. I started to learn that the main cause of cervical cancer is from a sexually transmitted virus called HPV. After my mom passed away from the cervical cancer, I discovered that many people do not know how sex can affect your health, and your loved ones. Sex is much more than just a physical interaction, you may fall in love or you may contract an STD that can change your life.

As I became more involved in this research, I realized that many women and men do not even know basic sexual education topics. Most people do not know the difference between STDs and STIs or when to see a gynecologist. I blame the US school systems because obviously not everyone is getting the sex education they deserve. I became wildly passionate about educating myself, and others on how to care for your body and that lead me to the creation of this blog.

The goal of this blog is to help people feel comfortable with these topics and create an educated space where this conversation is heard, not shoved under the rug. No one likes discussing embarrassing moments that happened under the sheets or the fact that they might be overwhelmed by the sexual pressure in our society. Although these are difficult subjects to discuss, the more we come together and open up the easier it will be.

In the first couple posts I will be discussing topics that most young adults don’t know about or are uncomfortable to speak about. I will also touch on how knowing more about your sexuality and desires can lead you to feeling confident and powerful. Some topics I will discuss are STDS, masturbating, when to see a gyno, virginity, etc.

These articles will be coming from my own experience and tons of research. Social media has completely changed the way we express ourselves, and it affects our sex lives. The pressure on society to be sexy and be wanted is at an all-time high. You can still be sexy and wanted without participating in any sexual activities.

I was so lucky to have a mom who never judged me or made me feel weird about this conversation and I want people to feel the same. So here is to HUSH, a blog that empowers women and men by educating them on sex, love, and their own bodies.

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